crafted by photobiz

Each of my Jeep pics captures the unique personality of the Jeep itself and its owner. No matter how old you are, when you are jeeping olllllllo  the best of your personality comes peeking out:

1. DETERMINATION: "I may have 99 problems son, but this ditch ain't one!"
2. GRIT: "I may get lost, but I never get stuck!"
3. FRIENDLINESS: "Get in, sit down, hold on!"
4. HOPE: "May your jeep never ride empty!"

Behind every Jeep there is a story. My personal red 4 door sweetie is named, Shot Crawler and has 4 doors, 33's, RK lift, cut fenders, red rock lights, and disco lights. She's the first ride I actually look forward to spending money to keep her muddy. She connects me to my past, my parents loved having new cars but I remember a little beat up two door rag top Jeep my dad loved to drive without the doors on. She connects me to my present, my husband, Chris, my son, Kamron and my daughter, Ella, are usually headed in a million directions but we all make time to go jeeping together. She connects me to my multi-passionate future to be known in as the best four wheeled photographer to ever be born and raised in Nashville (along with the photographer to the country stars,{ Music to my eyes Photography} and to families who I will watch grow for generations {Pix by Robyn}.

I do Jeep photography for regular money but you can definitely twist my arm for a traded Jeep part or accessory!

If you have a new Jeep and have no idea where to begin in Middle Tennessee, you have to come join my second family, the one and only Jeeps and Wrenches Club. We will show you a good time and have your neighbors helping you with your very own -----Shot Crawler.

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